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Some people look for a beautiful place. Others make a place beautiful" Hazrat Inayat Khan


Investor Friendly Agent

A significant number of properties for investing are found off the market. However, working with the right agent could open your eyes to new investment opportunities available on the market. Fix and flips and rental income investments are all about the numbers, and for new investors, some guidance is necessary, especially when considering new areas.

As an investor, I had the great opportunity to explore different areas across North Jersey. I have seen that other investors usually stay in the same areas, urban or highly populated, where transactions happen faster and that only a few consider suburbs or rural for investments.

As a REALTOR® in New Jersey, I have also witnessed failure in investments with bad "fixes and flips" inspired by HGTV and TV shows that make the process seem so easy when it takes time, work, and knowledge.

Working with an agent will bring great value to your investment. Considering what most families seek in a house is essential during renovation. It is about good taste, space, and fulfilling the demand. As a stager, I will bring light to your empty space, I will bring vision. This, combined with my marketing strategies, will increase your chances of selling.

For Landlords

If you are looking for great tenants, you need a background check. It is no secret that you can rent properties or your own. However, using an agent will ensure your tenant is qualified and has the assets to afford the place. Also, do not let a commission put you in a bad spot as a landlord! Most commissions are paid by the tenant or split with the landlord. Therefore, using an agent is a win-win for both tenants and landlords.
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