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In the suburbs

Morris County, NJ


Beautiful County in New Jersey with a mix of urban and hints of rural areas.

This County is the ideal location for NYC Commuters, with several train station options in different towns. You can find in Morris County nicely sized yards that most families want, but without sacrificing the urban vibe. Great schools and amazing parks. Shopping and restaurants.

Morristown, Madison, and Florahm Park are full of cute stores and restaurants, but if you are looking for more space and hiking trails, you can find that in Mt Olive or Netcong.

Dover, NJ

Dover is a diamond in the rough, increasing its real estate sales tremendously in the last few years.


It is accessible to major highways and centrally located within the County. This town offers a great value of homes for most families.

Are you looking for good food? A great variety of restaurants, from Hispanic to Jamaican and Mediterranean cousins. Dover is also the home for great businesses and independent contractors. If you are looking to hire, Dover will provide you with great options!

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