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Zillow Premier

Here is some important information for Zillow buyers or if you use the Zillow platform.

1. About  Zillow Premier Agent. It was created for buyers without an agent. The site is ideal if you would like to schedule a tour or contact an agent (not the seller's agent). If you have an agent, book your tours through your agent, not Zillow, or you will be referred to another buyer's agent.

2. Buyer ready. If you scheduled a tour via Zillow, ensure your pre-approval is ready. Touring houses is not the first step in the house-buying process. Getting your finances ready is the very first step. I am here to assist if you don't have a pre-approval yet.

3. Receive a buyer's consultation. Before visiting homes, you should know and have complete clarity about buying a house—from touring properties, passing through attorney review, and title search and appraisal. 

If you do not have pre-approval, a buyer's consultation will guide you from financing until closing; you can schedule a buyer's consultation at any time. 

Why do I need an agent?

A seller's agent represents and serves the seller, and a buyer's agent helps the buyer. There is an immense advantage when you have someone representing you as the buyer, different from the other party. A buyer's agent will have all the accurate information about listings that you, as a consumer, won't have access to just by searching online; she/he will work in your best interest by utilizing negotiation skills to complete the transaction successfully. 

It's time to buy!

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